Radical RC Hobbies Showroom with Huge Model Airplanes Hanging on Display

Radical RC Hobbies Showroom with Huge Model Airplanes Hanging on Display

No matter what your skill level is, I have now created a new service for all TIP’s where you can send me your standard Google Format jpg files and I will build you a custom tour from them.

The issues with not being able to produce an attractive HDR Fusion stitch with Av mode captures has been solved. While shooting in this format is not the best solution – many of you choose to use it (because it is simple and G has told you to do so) and now I have a simple service for you to deliver an alternate product to your clients.

You can even use my service to produce a product that has nothing to do with Google tours – but you just shoot it with exactly the same system you are familiar with. Put people in them, shoot real estate, shoot at night. Anything you can think of and sell you can do now. No stupid rules here!!! Rates:

$100US plus $25US per pano.

Send me any artwork needed for logos, nadirs and floor plans if you have them. If all you have is the clients web site, I can most likely create some artwork for you for a small fee.

Files can be sent to me via Dropbox or Google Drive.

The basic package includes a tour exactly as you see in the above example. As this tour has 9 nodes, your cost would be $325US – paid by PayPal in two 50% instalments. First payment at the start and second after the results are hosted on a private link on my website. Following completed payment, all files tour files will be delivered electronically to you. These are the only deliverables at this discounted rate.

You can compare the custom tour, to the exact same set of frames from the Google version below.

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