Frontline Head Office

Frontline Stores Head Office in Canterbury, Victoria, Australia

Frontline Stores and Photography by John Warkentin are pleased to announce an exclusive buying arrangement for Google Business Photos Virtual Tours for Frontline Members in the greater Melbourne Region commencing November 12, 2013.

We have put together 4 convenient package deals they will get your business up and running with a Google Tour in short order!

Tour Rates:

  1. Small: 4 to 8 panoramas $450+GST
  2. Medium:  9 to 16 panoramas $600+GST
  3. Large:  17 to 25 panoramas $900+GST
  4. Extra Large:  26 to 40 panoramas $1200+GST

(Larger tours, like multilevel shops will be quoted on an individual basis)

Place your Google Tour orders with Photography by John Warkentin now. Call 0421 725 113 or email and you will then be contacted by us to setup your Photoshoot Booking. A detailed set of Pre-Shoot Instructions will be provided once your booking is confirmed.

Following the Google Tour Photoshoot, you should expect to see your Tour go live on your Google Places Page* within 3 weeks.

Sample Tours:

Small: Jewellery Shop

View Larger Map

Small: Office

View Larger Map

Medium: Children’s Store

View Larger Map

Large: Antique Store

View Larger Map

Extra Large: Pet Services

View Larger Map

* You will need to have a free Google Places Page in order to participate in this offer. Photography by John Warkentin will be able to help you out with this process if there are any difficulties (additional charges will apply).

Click Here for Detailed Terms and Conditions of this Exclusive Frontline Member’s Offer.