Going Wide.001Yesterday’s Seminar, Going Wide – An Introduction to  Panoramic Photography at michaels Camera was a huge success. We counted over 90 people in attendance and many were able to stay on after the talk to check out  the large prints, gear and ask detailed questions.

I have put the set of Seminar Slides online on Facebook with links and notes in the comments for each slide. Feel free to add to the discussion. The complete video from the Seminar is also now available on YouTube. I apologise in advance for the low quality of both the video and audio. We were down one man on the day so had to make due with a simple iPhone on a stick. The high resolution panorama I used for this title slide was shot from the roof of Council House in Perth WA. It is a 23 Col x 4 Row Pano Shot on a Canon 7D with Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS L II Lens at 200mm 1/200th at F11 and ISO 100 The resulting Image size is 60,564 x 16,670 = 963 Megapixels A number of sample panos were captured during the presentation by both myself and Barney Meyer. Here is one of the full 360×180′s captured. PT_9916-9919_WM_2048wThe huge pano print on the floor at the front of the Media School was shot in Darling Harbour using the same Manfrotto 303 Panohead with a Canon 7D. This image however is a 24 Col x 2 Row full 360 degree view. The lens used was a Canon 50mm F1.4 prime. The top row was shoot first at 4 sec at F8 and ISO 100. The light was fading fast so I had to speed capture up a bit for the bottom row by shooting at F5 and 2.5 sec. The finished file is 75,244 x 9744 pixels. Explore it in full detail below. The large square “Little Planet” print on the easel to the left of the screen is of Times Square in New York City. You can explore an interactive VR version of it below.
Times Square NYC