My first Google Trusted Photographer photoshoot for Borge’s Imaging in Port Melbourne has gone live as of June 25, 2012. This new service is going to be a fantastic addition to my suite of Panoramic Photographic services.

Check out the Tour below or head on over to Borge’s Imaging Google+ Local page. (you may need to be logged into your Gmail account for this link to work – but they are free so you should go get one if you don’t have one already).

View Larger Map

A basic Google Business Photos Tour with 4 full 360 degree Panoramas can be ordered for a low as $595 and be online within 7 days of shooting. This is an amazing way to increase your Google presence with minimal expense. Larger tours with up to 30 panoramas are possible and very soon these tours will be directly browsable from any device that supports Street View. In fact, if your business is located in an area where the Street View data is out of date and doesn’t show the front of your shop as it is now – then this system is the solution to your problem! As you can see from this link the Street View data for Borge’s Imagining is a few years out and was shot before they moved into the old video rental shop. The front of the shop is even blocked by a large truck. Simply stated – I can fix this for you!

If you are on iOS the above Tour will only show you Google Maps (in a month or so this will change). But for now, you can try out this link on your iOS device and explore the tour in a somewhat simpler viewer.

(Stop the Press!! – on June 27th Google hit the master switch and deployed Business Photos on iOS! You can now browse the full tours in a proper VR viewer from the Maps app on any iPhone or iPad)

Call me on 0421 725 113 to order a Photoshoot and get on the Google bandwagon now!