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Walk in Wardrobe Store Sign

Google’s new open Panoramic Platform, “Google Views” is now available. It provides all of the benefits of “Google Business Photos” as far as ease of use and being found on Google Maps, but it is now available to any type of business, event or location without the hassle of Google’s Management requirements. A test case for a small shop in Belgrave Victoria has just been created to demonstrate how this new platform can be embedded on any web page. The navigation system used in these Virtual Tours is the same as Google Streetview and Google Business Views with the added advantage of showing auto rotation when viewed within the Google Views Web Site. GPS Tagging can be used during image capture to enable automatic placement on Google Maps. In addition high quality stitching, colour correction and High Dynamic Range (HDR) blending can be used which enables a much higher photographic standard than the automated Google Business Views product supports. It is also possible to just use one or two panoramas with this product if that is all the job requires. With this in mind, it can be a very cost effective way to show off any space.

There are 2 different embedding systems available as well. The old Maps as shown above and new Maps as shown below.