“Flaming Crown at Dusk” – the print to the left is a square Metallic print on Artmount (very light weight and easy to hang) at 40″ (102 cm) This image is ready to go larger without any loss of detail in this style at sizes up too 47″ (120 cm). On canvas it can go even larger – the limit being printer size.

Mundrabilla Roadhouse is a fine art ultra high gloss Inkjet print on Dibond at 45 cm x 390 cm. This size of fine art print (and it has to be seen to be appreciated!) takes the medium to it’s limits. You will not see a longer print of this quality anywhere. If you wanted this image larger it would have to be broken down to multiple panels and done with canvas. It would yield an impressively detailed 4 panel set of 1.4 m x 3 m canvases!

Darling Harbour is the same width but just a little taller – 50 cm x 390 cm. If it was possible to go larger in one single Dibond panel – this file could yield a panel 3 times longer with no loss of detail at all. The original file is 75,000 pixels wide.