Get the step on this great new Workshop!

Get the step on this great new downloadable Workshop!

PanoBootcamp is pleased to announce the first in a series of long format YouTube training videos. These videos were recorded during live workshops with real attendees asking just the kind of questions you most likely have been wanting answers too. Intro to PTGui will give you the head start you need to get real world results out of this often daunting application.

The Into to PTGui Workshop uses a combination of private YouTube Videos and Dropbox or Google Drive. Be sure to have your systems set up and ready to roll with both of these applications. In this workshop we are going to keep it simple and deal with Google Formatted Projects to start with and then move on to some intermediate topics. We will finish with a round up off all the covered techniques as applied the topic of Handheld Panoramas.

We hope that you will be able gain a powerful understanding of many types of Panoramic Shooting Styles and Assembly Techniques when you complete this Workshop. The lessons that are provided should give you a long lasting (and continuously updated and expanded) resource you can refer to when you run into problems (as one always does!) while you expand on your newfound skill-set. The “Intro to PTGui” online community will also grow with you and become a vital online knowledge base.

At this stage there are 3 of the long format YouTube workshops for you to view. Each is about 3.5 hours long and as attendees asked different questions each time, each is somewhat different in how the topics are covered. In the next few weeks some newer segmented topic versions are going to be added to the archive to give you even more options as you work through all of the lessons.

When purchasing this workshop via PayPal, please make sure you provide me with your Gmail and Dropbox/Drive accounts so you will be able receive the lesson files and view the private YouTube Videos. You will also want to join the ”Intro to PTGui” online community here.

The price for this Workshop is $79.95 US

For existing PanoBootcamp members, the discounted price is $49.95 US. Current PanoBootcamp Members that wish to participate in the this Workshop should contact me directly. You can order your PanoBootcamp membership with or without the Intro to PTGui Workshop via the PayPal buttons below. PanoBootcamp 1 year Membership $99.95 US

PanoBootcamp 1 year Membership with Intro to PTGui Workshop $149.90 US

Your PanoBootcamp Membership includes:

  1. One time 15% Discount on Kolor Products
  2. One time 15% Discount on Nodal Ninja Products
  3. A 1 hour Video Training Session on your choice of topics
  4. Access to all PanoBootcamp downloadable lessons
  5. Access to the private Video lessons of PanoBootcamp
  6. Substantial Discounts on all upcoming PanoBootcamp Events

There will be some fine tuning to the workshop over the next few days, but for now the Preliminary Topic List will be as follows:

  1. PTGui Application Introduction, Panel Descriptions, Terms and System Setup
  2. 4 Shot (90 degree rotation) 8mm Cropped Sensor Panos without HDR using Auto Exposure Out of Camera Jpgs
  3. 12 Shot (3 shot brackets, 90 degree rotation) 8mm Cropped Sensor Panos with Fusion Blending using Auto Exposure Out of Camera Jpgs (this is the Google Shooting Standard)
  4. 12 Shot Manual Exposure RAW Capture (3 shot brackets, 90 degree rotation) 8mm Cropped Sensor Panos with Fusion Blending
  5. Levelling the Pano
  6. Problems with Stitching – what do when no Control Points are found
  7. Control points gone crazy!
  8. Adding in the Nadir Frame using an Offset Shot and an Aligned Shot
  9. Fun with Little Planets
  10. Using PTGui to build a simple one node Virtual Tour
  11. Handheld Spherical Panos
  12. Rolled Lens Spherical Panos
  13. Handheld Landscape Panos

The lesson files are available in advance for all scheduled attendees to download and experiment with beforehand if they choose too. We will attempt to deal with all the common pitfalls people run into when first using PTGui and to that end some tricky techniques and difficult image sets will be presented. All attendees will be part of the “Intro to PTGui” online community that runs on Facebook Get all your questions ready as this will be a great chance for you to work on taking your skills to a higher level with this powerful, but often challenging program! Honestly the only reason we use it, is because it’s the best out there and we all suffer through it’s difficult user interface! When push comes to shove, PTGui is the tool the Professional Spherical Photographer needs to master. So let’s remove any stumbling blocks and get you all rolling with PTGui finally! Once you decide to join this workshop the following information will ensure you get the most out of it.

  1. Be sure I know your Google Hangout, Dropbox Account and Facebook email addresses
  2. Make sure you have tested your Mic and Camera to confirm they are working with Google Hangouts
  3. You will need a dropbox account with a good amount of storage setup a few days beforehand to receive the lesson files. We will all be synced to this account do don’t remove anything from it and if you work on the files beforehand, any output you save, be sure to append your unique name to it so that I know who it came from. The lesson size is approximately 1.1Gig. Panos projects are always big and this is a never ending issue we all face.
  4. PTGui and Photoshop are going to be required. The free demo of PTGui can be used if you don’t own it. You will however get more out of this Workshop if you own it. Find PTGui here. If you plan to use PTGui for HDR work (some of the demos require this) you should plan to purchase the Pro version. A few other tools like “Krpano Tools”, “Flaming Pear Flexify2″ and “Kolor Panotour Pro” may be used in the workshop but none of these are required by attendees. They will be useful tools in the long run for you as you advance in this field.
  5. The shared screen size will be Full HD (1920 x 1200) so be sure your monitor is capable of this resolution  or you will have a hard time reading the text in the applications while participating in the Workshop. I will be running the workshop from a triple monitor system so many application panels will be on and off screen at times. I would recommend participants run a dual monitor system if at all possible during the workshop. In fact, I recommend this no matter what if you plan to work with panoramas in the long run.

Each Workshop can only have 9 people maximum so confirm your seats ASAP If you have any questions or concerns you can Email me directly or find me on Facebook for a real-time chat. Alternately, if it is urgent I can be reached at +61 421 725 113