Swanston Street Entrance

Captured over 3 long shooting days in December 2012, the RMIT SAB Virtual Tour is the most complex and extensive Google Business Photos project to be published in Australia. Over 230 panoramic images covering 11 levels in this award winning building make up the the tour.

Upon the launch of the tour, RMIT released the following statement:

RMIT University’s $200 million Swanston Academic Building (SAB) is now open to all via a virtual tour.

Cratis Hippocrates, Executive Director Engagement, said that using the Google Business Photo program, people could now step into the building’s learning spaces and explore it in its entirety.

Mr Hippocrates said the technology for the project was made available in Australia only last year, and RMIT was believed to be one of the first universities in the country to use it.

He said the SAB virtual tour was also believed to be the first tour of more than seven levels to be captured in the world.

The tour was shot over three days and involved 232 panoramic shots across all 11 levels of the building.

Each individual panorama comprises 12 separate images digitally stitched together to create a 3D effect.

The images were captured and authored by independent local Google Trusted Photographer John Warkentin.

Mr Hippocrates said that the SAB virtual tour was being trialled with a view to showcase other areas of the university in the near future.

“As a global University of technology and design, RMIT is at the forefront of emerging technologies and continues to grow in the digital space,” he said.

“Not only do virtual tours enable prospective students and industry partners to explore the University’s facilities, but they allow RMIT to project its global, urban and connected presence internationally and domestically.”

As all the panoramas for this Virtual Tour were captured to our in-house high professional standards, this data set was also able to be effectively repurposed as a High Quality Custom Panoramic Tour featuring advanced navigation systems and a much more responsive viewing experience than what a Google Tour offers. For best results, be sure to run the tour in Full Screen mode with a press of the lower right hand side button in the window below.

If you are running on a mobile device (such as iOS) you may want to open this tour in a full screen tab by clicking here. Unfortunately iOS doesn’t support the Full Screen button running inside the tour as embedded below.