Frontline Stores and Photography by John Warkentin are pleased to announce an exclusive buying arrangement for Google Business Photos Virtual Tours for Frontline Members in the greater Melbourne Region commencing November 12, 2013. The Rates and Samples can be found here.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Google Business Photos Virtual Tours will be ordered and billed through Photography by John Warkentin. Call 0421 725 113 or email to book your Photoshoot. There will be a 25% Booking Fee that will be paid in advance. The remaining 75% will be due before the Google Business Photos Virtual Tour is Published to Google’s Servers. Payments will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.
  2. Shooting Date and Time will be arranged by the Google Photographer.
  3. Frontline Members will be required to have a confirmed Google Places Page listing in order to participate in this offer.
  4. Google Tours will be delivered online via Google Places within 21 days of the Photoshoot. A rush surcharge of 25% is available for 72 hour turn around for Small thru Large Tours. This surcharge will be refunded in full if the Tour is not possible to publish in this time frame. The Photographer will not be bound by delays caused by Google system outages. The client will be promptly informed if there are delays in the Google Publishing Process.
  5. All Google Tours will be captured without Customers or Employees in them. If Customers or Employees are required in the Google Tour, their faces will have to be blurred in the Tour (to meet Google’s Privacy Requirements) and there will be a 25% surcharge applied.
  6. The client will be totally responsible for shop preparation in advance of the Google Photographer’s arrival on site. The Photographer is not able to merchandise and clean for you. If there are substantial delays while the Photographer waits for shop areas to be readied for Photography – surcharges may apply at a rate of $150+GST/hr. See below for the expected on site time requirements for the 4 sizes of tours available.
  7. Product pricing will be visible in Google Business Photos Virtual Tours. If pricing visibility is not desired, all prices will need to be removed by the client before the Photoshoot starts.
  8. Expected Time Required for Google Tour on site Photography. Small Tour: 45 min, Medium Tour: 60 min, Large Tour: 90 min and Extra Large Tour: 140 min.
  9. If a Google Business Photos Shoot is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice there will be a $75 Cancelation Charge. If canceled with less than 12 hours notice there will be a 25% of the quoted rate Cancelation Charge.
  10. Google Tours within 25km of the Melbourne CBD will have no travel charges applied. Outside of this area, travel charges at $0.75+GST/km will apply.
  11. Google Tour Photography bookings may need to be cancelled in rainy conditions if outside photography is required. If you wish to have any outdoor photography captured on a sunny day – a surcharge of 25% will be required and you will need to be ready to shoot on very short notice.
  12. 10 Basic Still Images will be captured while on site and they will be Published along with the Tour on the Google Places Page. These Still Images can not have any identifiable people in them.
  13. There is no Proofing of the Google Tours before Publishing. The Photographer will use best judgements and past experience to provide the client with the best possible Tour within the constraints of the Google Tour Publishing System. Some basic decisions will be discussed with the client during the Photoshoot.
  14. The Usage Rights to the images are shared between Google and the end Client. Still Images will be delivered to the client online. The Tour is published to the client’s Google Places Page and that constitutes delivery of it.
  15. Google Business Photos Virtual Tours can’t be edited, repaired or altered after publishing. Google provides limited support to fix issues that are beyond the control the the Google Photographers. If complex changes are required (such as additional panoramas or editing) the complete Tour will need to be repeated and charges will apply. There is a current limitation in the Google Places Page system which prevents the easy removal of the 10 Still Images that are published by the Photographer with the Google Business Photos Virtual Tour.
  16. The quality of light in your business will have a huge effect on the final image quality of your Google Business Photos Virtual Tour. It needs to be stressed that common business Fluorescent Lighting Systems do not preform well with modern photographic techniques. The client is expected to confirm all light fixtures are operational and turned on during the Photoshoot.
  17. Google Tours often have stitching, motion and colour errors in them. This is just a side effect of the somewhat basic product offering Google is providing. If total high end quality is required for Frontline Members, Photography by John Warkentin has a range of alternate services available.
  18. These Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time. The status of this link at the time of your Google Tour Order will be binding. Please make a printout of it for your records.